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Kathy Anne Kelly, the long-standing producer and front woman of the successfull band „The Kelly Family“ has established herself as a soloartist in the international music business. By now she has a 30-year singing career and is looking forward. The “Grande Dame of Gospel and Folk” performs at her current European tour "Godspel - European Tour" Solo with Pianist, full band accompaniment (on drums, bass, guitar und keyboard), and together with renowned local and Europe-known gospel choirs, children‘schoirs and Shanty

The new live program of the full-blodded musician includes in addition to numerous evergreens, many emotionally sung ballads and fiery sings if hit albums and singles (including Esmeraldas sing „God, your children“, from the Disney film „The Huchback of Notre Dame“ and the Special Olympics anthem „Let me win“), and knwon and re-arranged gospel, spirituals and traditional songs from Germany, Spain and Ireland. On her European tour in which the mezzo-soprano interprets several songs on the acoustic guitar and accordion very impressive. She is always accompanied instrumetal byt the renowned pianist and keyboard player Andrew Reck (Sarah Connor, Sasha, Alexander Klaws etc.).

In the American-Irish „Kelly Family“, Kathy Kelly started her unparralleled carrer: as a member of the singing extended family of the pedestrian zone, she together with her siblings they became the world-known cult band with three milion sold Videos and DVDs. Their 20 million albums sold (including the album „Over the Hump“, the biggest selling album of all times in Germany), were significantly influenced by Kathy Kelly as producer and musical mastermind of the family. Together they achieved multiple gold and platinum status.

Kathy Kelly, who was also a mother-substitute of her many siblings, started her carrer as a solo artist in 1999. With the temporary break of the Kelly Family the multi-talented woman – prima ballerina, classically trained opera singer and stuied musican – is actively engaged for the Catholic aid „Church in Need“ and is forcing her solo career. The mother of a almost adult son (Sean) is living Ireland and has now published a number of long-play albums and single releases that were equally successfulll here and in foreign countries.

Beside her Open-Air, Hall and Community-Concerts (inter alia with Supertalent „Michael Hirte“ ()Neben ihren zahlreichen Open-Air-, Hallen- und Gemeinschaftskonzerten (u.a. mit Supertalent „Michael Hirte“ („The man with the harmonica“), „Katja Ebstein“, „De Höhner“, „Die Bubbles“, „Die Ölberkinder“, „Circus Roncalli & Kelly Family", and many more), Kathy Kelly sang on „Spanish Nights“ song from the country where she grew up. To expand her repertoire in classical music, the busy artist took singing lessons further more and mastered to date many classical recitals and opera performances with flying colors.

This year Kathy Kelly is back on big European tour, with her usual style, which is characterized by classical, Spanish, french and Irish elements. And this year‘s tour is certainly not her last. Or to put in in the words of the ambitious Power Woman:

I feel very, very good -
and I am not done yet.

Kathy Anne Kelly was born in 1963 in Massachusetts (USA). Five years later the famous Kelly Family moved to Spain. Music was already an important part in the family life and so it was ovious that Kathy got music lessons as a child. At the age of nine, she lerned violin and piano with the renowned teachers of the Conservatory of Pamplona and Madrid.

At the age of 15 her father decided to finance the future life as street musicians.  The private music became the professional income and so the Kelly Family played on the streets of Europe from now on. Also during this time Kathy was taught by top teachers and studied, at the age of 16 years, violin in vienna. In addition, she was also issued to ballet lessons, finally crowned as prima ballerina. Howerver, since the 17th Age, music played the greatest role in her life.

After the early deathof her beloved mother in 1981, Kathy Kelly was called in private life: She assumed the motherrole and gave herself heart and commitment to take care and loving support of her younger siblings. Many years Kathy was also the responsible producer  for the musical side of the CD recordings of the Kelly Family. In1992 her son Sean was born.