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wrote on January the 19th 2014
Hello Kathy,

your voice is a dream.

Spirit, passion, power, feeling, also some gentle emotions, everything was in your songs.

You put your heart and soul into your performance.

Thank you very much for this perfectly wonderful hours yesterday in Stühlingen.

wrote on January the 8th 2014
Hi Kathy I am a fan of the kelly family since 1996 and I have to tell that your music is a big part of my life since then.Each one of the family has an amazing voice and talent.I regret that I hadn't a chance in my life to see the whole family live(I was too young then)but I still have a hope that one day my wish will come true and I will see you and the family together live onstage.Also thank you Kathy for lovely homepage,it is amazing that we( fans) can contact with You in such simple way.All the best in 2014!!!
wrote on December the 28th 2013
¡Hola, Kathy! Decirte que cuando estoy en un momento difícil y triste que solo me apetece llorar, enciendo mi reproductor de música y escucho tu voz y SONRÍO. Me hacéis muuuuy feliz tú y tu familia. ¡Tienes una voz increíble, más hermosa que la de los ángeles! Gracias por todo y por ser tú, eres muy especial. Mucha suerte, Kathy!!!
Gerrit Groot Karsijn
wrote on December the 20th 2013
Dear Kathy,
It has been 15 years since I have seen you live in the Netherlands, in concert.
I still remember your performance of 'You're losing me' which reduced me to tears and caused an immense impact.
I was only 13 years then and I was so deeply touched and fascinated by your voice and performances, I set out to be a singer myself to.

Now, 15 years later, I graduated the Academy of Performing Arts here in Holland and am trying to make my living as a singer. It's not easy, but I will not give up.

I want to thank you, for inspiring a young boy of 13 years old and for still moving me each time I listen to you sing.

wrote on December the 15th 2013
Lustig, traurig, besinnlich, heiter. Das Konzert mit Ihnen in St.Goarshausen hat richtig Spaß gemacht! Besonders Ihre Arie hat mich sehr berührt.
wrote on November the 12th 2013
Liebe Kathy, bitte komm doch mal nach Nürnberg, die Lorenzkirche z.B. würde sich super anbieten. Du bist die beste Musikerin der Welt :-)) Alles Liebe Dir
wrote on October the 13th 2013
Such a beautiful voice! What a talent! I have become a fan of you and the family. If you ever come to California, I'll be sure to attend your concert
wrote on October the 8th 2013
du bist und bleibst die beste. Mach weiter so, du bist eine super Musikerin mit einer wunderbaren Stimme. Alles Liebe für dich
wrote on October the 8th 2013
du bist und bleibst die beste. Mach weiter so, du bist eine super Musikerin mit einer wunderbaren Stimme. Alles Liebe für dich
wrote on October the 5th 2013
Dear Kathy,

I saw you 2 days before in Crumstadt and war really impressed. Unfortunately I was sitting upstairs and the first part of the concert was very quiet for us, because the speakers there were defect.
Anyway, your power and spirit came over to me. I´m used to sing in a chorus as well, but it´s a huge difference... I might improve my voice if I train more often, but I will never become such powerful.

Just Marlon Witthalm was disappointing. As he critisized Peter Schnur, who was fantastic as well, I was likely to apologize his behaviour.

I hope you understood what I´m trying to say, my english is better than my singing, but worse than my German.

Much greetings - and I will see and hear you again, i´m pretty sure.

wrote on October the 4th 2013
Dear Kathy, thank you very much for the wonderful concert with the Greensingers in Crumstadt, yesterday. The audience was enthousiastic and some of them were so touched by your voice that they had tears in the eyes when they thanked me for bringing the concert to Crumstadt. The Greensingers really enjoyed being on stage and singing with you.
wrote on September the 20th 2013
Hallo Kathy
I will be very Happy to see you on the 27.10 in Steinfurt :)that is the frist time i have ever Seen you Live.
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